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For more than 26 years, at Anacaona & Lonjeff, S.A. we've been providing a large range of products of prestigious international brands for retail and food service customers in the Dominican Republic.

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Created in 1933 by André Besnier, Président is France's no.1 brand in butter and cheese.

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Italy's #1 cheese brand. Since 1882, Galbani Italian cheeses have been inspiring chefs across the globe. 


Established in 1789 in Gragnano, the homeland of pasta, Garofalo is leader in Italy for quality pasta.

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Citterio, a family-run cured meats producer founded in Italy, with 140 years of experience, offers a wide array of whole and packaged products.

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Quescrem is an Innovative Spanish Dairy Company specialized in developing and manufacturing of different varieties of Cheese products of the highest quality.

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Founded by Hersilio García Baquero in the year 1962, in La Mancha, Spain, their cheeses stand out among the best and most awarded in the world.

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Established in 1889, Jones Dairy Farm is an American, privately owned food company that produces a series of meat products, including breakfast sausage, ham, Canadian bacon and breakfast bacon.


Directly from the Alsace Lorraine region, Northeast of France and known for its fine wheat and fresh mountain spring water, Le Petit Français is part of the Boulangerie de Neuhauser company established in 1887. 


Established in the year 1907, Emmi is the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. Their passion for quality is expressed in their delicious high-quality food products and specialities.


Born in the city of pasta, Santa Lucia is the largest pasta producer in Gragnano, Italy.

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Established in 1963, Bella Holandesa, also known as Dutch Lady, is a leading dairy company and one of the biggest in the world.


Since the year 1966, Morrison Meat Packers produces high quality hams and sausage products. 


Veldhuyzen Kaas is a trade name of MAAZ Cheese. They are specialized in the export of cheese from Holland (The Netherlands).


Established in 1877, Auricchio is the world leader in the manufacture of Provolone, as well as the producer of several other great cheeses of the Italian tradition

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Diamond is one of the largest Aluminum Foil and plastic bag selling brands in the World. Their products contain the optimal mix  to give you the PERFECT balance between resistance, durability, and elasticity. 


Established in 1942, Ambrosi is an Italian dairy company that offers the best quality selection, perfect seasoning/aging, fresh packaging and easy to use products.

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Nasonville Dairy was founded in 1885, making it the oldest cheese plant in Wood County. After more than 130 years of perfecting their recipes and processes, Nasonville knows the ins and outs of the cheesemaking industry.

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