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Emmi's roots in milk processing date back to 1907. This unique heritage and “savoir-faire” continue to shape the way they develop their business and create the best dairy moments for consumers – day after day.


The Story

Following preliminary consultations in 1904 and 1905, 62 dairy farming cooperatives found the Central Switzerland Milk Association in Lucerne (MVL) on 9 February 1907 – the predecessor organisation of what is now Emmi. The MVL unites 1,768 dairy farmers from the canton of Lucerne who together keep 15,310 cows. The founding board is chaired by Rudolf Schläfli from Sursee.

1947 was the year of first use of “Emmi” as a brand (in reference to the municipality of Emmen) for soft cheese and yogurt.


The members of the Central Switzerland Milk Association (MVL) decide to separate association activities from commercial activities in favour of a modern division-based structure. The company Emmi AG is founded on 23 June 1993 within the framework of an annual general meeting.

Emmi takes over the cheese business of Swiss Dairy Food. This transaction sees the integration of Gerberkäse AG in Thun, Fromagerie de Saignelégier SA, Fromco (Affinage) SA in Moudon, Goldbach & Roth AG in Lützelflüh, Käsespezialitäten AG in Utzenstorf, Lataria Engiadinaisa in Bever, Säntis Fromsuisse SA in Gossau and Top Cheese Switzerland AG in Ostermundigen into the Emmi Group. This makes Emmi the no. 1 in the Swiss dairy industry.

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