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Millefoglie with Citterio Bresaola and Président Goat Cheese

A creative and easy to prepare twist on the traditional Millefoglie recipe, with Citterio Bresaola, flakes of Président Goat Cheese, chives, bitter lettuce and edible mountain flowers.

Recipe created by Federico Quaglia, Chef & Food Consultant



-120 g cleaned field and mountain lettuce (borage, asparagine, red kale, dandelion)

-Edible field and mountain flowers (dandelion flowers, violet, etc.)

-100 g of Président goat cheese


-Salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil, to taste

-A few drops of lemon juice

-240 g Citterio Bresaola



  1. Mix the Président Goat Cheese with minced chives and add oil, salt and pepper. Set to the side.

  2. Using a wooden cutting board, alternate - like in the "millefoglie" - layers of slices of Citterio Bresaola and of lettuce, seasoning each layer with oil, salt, pepper, a few drops of lemon juice and goat cheese with chives mixture.

  3. Decorate with topping of edible mountain flowers.

Here is an original alternative to classic bresaola starters!



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